I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.

― Oscar Wilde

It is almost as if the enfant terrible Oscar Wilde had been born in North Spain, because nothing could describe the philosophy of Northern Spaniards more accurate than the above quotation.

In order to really appreciate the Gastronomy of North Spain, our advice is, that you try to let go of your daily routines and your restraints. Doing that, is really like opening a box filled with new impressions and flavours so natural and amazing, that it can be almost quiet overwhelming.

Whether you wish to visit one of the regions many Michelin awarded restaurants, or you would like to have a more Rural tasting tour, SpainYourWay will guide you through our exclusive selected wineries (bodegas), restaurants and tapas/pintxos places.

We have also put The TastingYourWay tours together with some of our other activities, so it is up to you, to pick from the basket of goods, and enjoy the very best Gastronomy of our Regions.


Asturias and Cantabria

Mar, montaña y manzana –the three “m”s you will keep hearing over and over again while in Asturias: “sea, mountains, and apples.” If there are three words to describe Asturias, it would be these. [...]

Rioja and Basque Country

How about travelling from Rioja to the Basque Country while enjoying the very best of the incredible cuisine and culture of Northern Spain? Would you like to cycle around the vineyards of La Rioja, [...]

North Portugal and Galicia

This journey encompasses nine days and eight nights of tasting and savouring the scents, colours and more traditional flavours of Galician and Northern Portuguese wines and gastronomy. During this trip, you will stay at [...]

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