7 Reasons to Visit Spain

  1. World-famous museums with the paintings of the most appreciated artists

There are museums worth visiting all around Spain, let’s see a few. Museo Prado (Madrid) is one of the most famous museums of the world where you can admire the pieces made by Titiano, Giovanni Battista, Dürer, El Greco, Velázquez, Goya, Raffaello, Rubens and Rembrandt. In the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (Madrid) you can mostly see the pieces of Spanish artists like Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí. The modern and contemporary Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao), the Picasso Museum (Barcelona) and the Museo Nacional de Escultura are only a few museums of the hundreds that you can choose from.

1 museo prado




2. Delicious local dishes

Spain has some pretty famous dishes which are widely known like gazpacho, tortilla, jamón and churros, but there are some dishes you may not have heared about but are absolutely worth trying, like paella, patatas bravas, pimientos de padrón or fideuá. Spain is also a good place for seafood lovers since almost every kind of meal has a seafood version with mussels, fish, calamares or shrimps.

3. Incredible sights to see

Who haven’t heard about Barcelona’s stunning Sagrada Familia or the Plaza Mayor in Madrid? There are famous sights to see all around Spain which are all waiting for you to visit them. If you are in Andalucía do not miss the beautiful white towns and if you happen to be in Tenerife go and visit El Teide, you will regret nothing!

4. Large number of UNESCO sites

Spain is the third country with the most UNESCO World Heritage sites in the World with 48 sites. The most visited UNESCO destinations in Spain are the Mosque of Córdoba, the Alhambra and the Generalife in Granada, the works of Gaudi (Park Güell and Casa Milá) in Barcelona, the Old Town of Segovia in Castille de León, Santiago de Compostela in Galicia and the Garajonay National Park in the Canary Islands.

5. Beautiful islands and clean beaches

Tourists come to visit Mallorca, Ibiza or Tenerife from all around the world. Spain has more than 8.000 kilometres of coastline which are also very clean since Spain has the most beaches with Blue Flag status which equals with high quality and clean beaches. For example Playa de la Victoria (Cádiz) on the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean is a famous holiday spot for Spanish people to go. Platja de Ses Illetes (Formentera) gives you the impression of unspoiled nature which is off the beaten track in the Mediterranean Sea.


6. It is easy to travel between regions, good public transport

Visiting Spain is a big adventure and an even greater experience. With so many things to see it is a lucky thing that it is easy to travel between the different cities. Each Spanish region has several airports with cheap domestic flights. Also Spain has more than 3.000 kilometres of railways and the high-speed AVE trains can reach 310 km/h speed. Also every city in Spain has a satisfying public transport system which makes it easy for tourists to navigate between the sites.

7. Spanish people

Of course each and every person is different in this world and this is beautiful but there are some things that are the characteristics of most Spanish people. For example the youth in Spain usually goes out to party very late and it is common to party until the morning lights. Also, Spanish people live for the fiestas and there are lots of festivities to celebrate in every part of the year. People in Spain usually appreciate a nice siesta (usually between 3 and 5pm) after lunch. In siesta period the life stops a bit and everybody takes a well-deserved rest. It is important to mention that Spaniards are generally very friendly and open to have a conversation over a nice cup of coffee. Also, before coming to Spain do not forget to learn a few words in Spanish because it is highly appreciated by the locals.