About Us

Passionate about our land

Why us

We are two passionate of our country who met on the way. After years of traveling around the world, living in other countries, experiencing other cultures, other flavors, we realized that everything we were seeking outside we had it just right home. Sometimes you have to go out into the world to look with perspective. And today, our mission for you is to discover Spain and our neighbour Portugal through our eyes. Would you give us the opportunity?

Our magic formula​

Because you already have the destination clear, you just need someone to organize your trip, and we are definitely the best option.






Work into detail

And lot of love!

What we do

We don´t design normal trips, we design travel experiences. You will set the beat of your trip and with our experience and knowledge, it will become a reality. The itineraries are tailor made, where you can feel the essence of Spain through its people, customs, culture and history, its smells, flavors, music, joy, and the will to live. And all this carried out by local professionals and a service marked in detail.

Where we are

In Vigo, a coastal city south of Galicia in northwest Spain. Our region is known for its microclimate, they call it 'Galifornia', for its beautiful beaches and coves, for its wines as the famous Albariño, for its seafood being the star the octopus, for its popular festivals, for the green color of its landscapes and the most important, for the hospitality of its people. Who has a Galician friend, has it for life.

Meet the team

We are a team of local experts that love our land and want to share the best of it.


Founder & Owner / Travel Advisor
Travelling is my great passion in life, each travel experience teaches me something new and made me become a better person. After living abroad for eight years in United States and Ireland, I returned home with another perception of the world and my own country. I've decided to start the Spain Yourway project to show and help understand this magnificent part of the world, the Iberian Peninsula, our culture, our roots…Living in a privileged place between the border of two countries like Spain and Portugal, has given me the knowledge and understanding of these two cultures and it is a privilege to be part of them both.


Owner / Travel Advisor
The world is full of wonderful places and I am lucky to be able to show and share one of them, the one that makes me feel the most proud, that has marked my character and my passion for life. My home, my roots... my country.


Experience designer of Basque Country
Listen, touch and smell the earth... I design personalized experiences because it is what makes me vibrate and because it comes from family ... receive, attend and do everything as possible to enjoy the moment.

Borja Concheiro

Oficial guide of Galicia, local expert
I really enjoy my walks showing the best of Galicia to all kind of travellers. Pioneer in running the very first and best free tour in Vigo and also managing Vigo Turístico, top reference for best tips and services in Vigo and the Galician Rías Bajas area.


Professional Photographer
Photography is my way of seeing things, my passion, my way of expression.


Marketing / Administration Specialist
A born a traveler, with the word " Wanderlust " constantly on my mind. Nevertheless, after having travelled around the globe, one may appreciate great beauties we have in our land. What are you waiting for to get to know them with us? 😉


Collaborator and Designer of experiences in Andalusia
As a lifelong enthusiast of Andalusia, I feel fortunate to have been able to turn my passion into a business. My goal is to ensure that every traveler who visits this beautiful region leaves with a deeper appreciation and understanding of its rich culture, history, and natural beauty. From hiking through breathtaking landscapes to savoring the region's delicious cuisine, I strive to offer a truly immersive and memorable experience. Come and explore the wonders of Andalusia with me!

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