‘O MAGOSTO’ You might be thinking… what is this blog post about? Why is there a chestnut in the title? Has this something to do with autumn? Well… you are right… partially 😝 This has something to do with with … Read More


THE GRAPE HARVEST SEASON 🍇 Now that we have reached September and grape harvest season is on its peak here in Spain, we would like to let you know a bit about it… 🍇🍷 WHEN? This grape harvesting period happens between … Read More


HÓRREOS AND ITS BEAUTY Have you ever wondered what are those curious constructions that are on the fields of some houses in the territory of Galicia and Asturias? Well, in this blog post we bring you the answer to your … Read More

Spanish customs at meal time

Spanish customs at meal time The customs of the Spaniards at lunch time are commented worldwide. Comments like: It is impossible to get used to Spanish time! They had breakfast too late and too little! They had dinner too late … Read More

I’m travelling to Spain, and now?

I’m travelling to Spain, and now? 1) WHAT TO BRING: The weather in Spain varies greatly from region to region; the north is wet and cold, while the south is dry and hot. In general terms: In summer time, the … Read More

Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller

Ibn Battuta