THE GRAPE HARVEST SEASON 🍇 Now that we have reached September and grape harvest season is on its peak here in Spain, we would like to let you know a bit about it… 🍇🍷 WHEN? This grape harvesting period happens between … Read More


HÓRREOS AND ITS BEAUTY Have you ever wondered what are those curious constructions that are on the fields of some houses in the territory of Galicia and Asturias? Well, in this blog post we bring you the answer to your … Read More

7 Reasons to Visit Spain

7 Reasons to Visit Spain World-famous museums with the paintings of the most appreciated artists There are museums worth visiting all around Spain, let’s see a few. Museo Prado (Madrid) is one of the most famous museums of the world … Read More

The Importance of Sustainable Tourism

The Importance of Sustainable Tourism Even though 2020 was not a good year for travellers we are looking forward to getting back to normal and we are already full of plans for those times when travelling will be an easy … Read More

Galician Festivities

Festivities in Galicia As a foreigner coming to Spain I experienced that there is indeed something true about the well-known stereotype: Spanish people love having big fiestas. There is something magical in those days when the whole city is dancing … Read More

Let’s talk about food

Let’s talk about food Let’s talk about food Spain is not only famous for its beautiful landscapes and crystal clear waters but also for its dishes. What is the Spanish food like? It is impossible to answer this question in … Read More

Asturias by bike

ASTURIAS BY BIKE Asturias is one of the favourite destinations for cyclists, with some of the most famous and challenging mountain passes in Spain. Do you dare to “climb” them on two wheels? Day 01 –Bilbao-Arrival: Transfer to Asturias Arrival … Read More

Spain through the eyes of a foreigner

The first time I have been to Spain was in 2019. I was an Erasmus+ student at Universidade de Vigo at the Faculty of Filoloxía e Traducción. Coming from the East side of Europe (I am a Hungarian-Romanian double citizen) … Read More

Spanish Carnival

Spanish Carnival Spain is often associated with the word fiesta. It’s hard to find a period in the Spanish calendar without any holidays or celebrations. Even during the quiet time between Christmas and Easter, the Spaniards find opportunities to have … Read More

Things you must do in Spain

Things you must do in Spain A visit to Spain always brings to mind positive connotations. After all it’s great climate, the everlasting sun, excellent food and generally good humor. It’s not a secret that you can spend your time … Read More