Spanish Carnival

Spanish Carnival Spain is often associated with the word fiesta. It’s hard to find a period in the Spanish calendar without any holidays or celebrations. Even during the quiet time between Christmas and Easter, the Spaniards find opportunities to have … Read More

Things you must do in Spain

Things you must do in Spain A visit to Spain always brings to mind positive connotations. After all it’s great climate, the everlasting sun, excellent food and generally good humor. It’s not a secret that you can spend your time … Read More

Christmas traditions in Spain

Christmas traditions in Spain Nativity Scene One of the habits cultivated by the Spaniards is the preparation of a small Christmas Nativity Scene (Portal de Belén) at the beginning of December, which is usually represented by figurines of the Holy … Read More

Spanish customs at meal time

Spanish customs at meal time The customs of the Spaniards at lunch time are commented worldwide. Comments like: It is impossible to get used to Spanish time! They had breakfast too late and too little! They had dinner too late … Read More

I’m travelling to Spain, and now?

I’m travelling to Spain, and now? 1) WHAT TO BRING: The weather in Spain varies greatly from region to region; the north is wet and cold, while the south is dry and hot. In general terms: In summer time, the … Read More


“Guided by Karlos, we made a great activity, Nordic walking, all along the railway Vasco- Navarro green path , through the countryside towards the Sanctuary of Estibaliz. Later on a nice meal with local products at Caserio Marutegui in Araia.In … Read More

We have just joined ATTA

We are happy to announce you that we have just joined ATTA, Adventure Travel Trade Association. As always, our proposals continue to be based on quality local tourism and a responsible philosophy. Many thanks to ATTA for having included us … Read More

‘De Tapas’ in Vigo

Tapas in Vigo It all starts in the historical centre, if you have a day or more in Vigo, you definitely have to do a nice tapas route around the centre. On Rúa das Ostras, oysters can be enjoyed with … Read More

Camino from Porto

We have made the beautiful Camino stage from Caminha to Vilanova de Cerveira, on the Portuguese Coastal Way. Beautiful landscape along the river Miño and nice talks with local fishermen.  

¡¿Hablas español!? Do you Speak spanish?

¿Hablas español? Do you speak Spanish? Of course we all want to practice or improve a language when travelling . If you are planning a visit to Spain and already know some Spanish, we leave you a few funny expressions … Read More