Tapas in Vigo

It all starts in the historical centre, if you have a day or more in Vigo, you definitely have to do a nice tapas route around the centre. On Rúa das Ostras, oysters can be enjoyed with a beer or a glass of good Albariño or Ribeiro wine while you see the ostreiras as they open their fresh product with great skill and speed.


Among the alleyways of the old area are hidden gastronomic treasures, it is worthwhile to look for each square, go up and down streets and stairs, get lost to enjoy all that this area has to offer. For the past three years, many bars and restaurants have opened offering a great variety of not only tapas but delicious dishes fish and seafood based, newly arrived at the port. But the best thing about going for tapas in Vigo is that most of them are served “for free” with your drink!!! Aren´t we nice and generous? Or as we say in Galicia “riquiños”!

Here is a list of some of our favourite places :  Taberna a Mina, Picadillo Restaurant, O Porco, La Ventana Indiscreta, La Bastarda, Vinoteca Cabernet, Sentido Cocina, Baiuca and A Curuxa.

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