“Wineries and Thermal Baths in Ribeiro Wine Region

What a great combination we have done today and one of the day tours you can do with us on the 1, 3 or 7 day tours in Galicia.

We first visited the town of Ribadavia and its beautiful jewish quarter, we then went to the beautiful winery and restaurant Casal de Arman, where we had a great lunch and wine tasting, and we ended this fantastic day in the amazing thermal baths of Prexigueiro, one of the best in Galicia surrounded by nature!! What a day!

First Stop: Ribadavia

This historic area is one of the most important in all of Galicia and is superior, in terms of historical value, in comparison to other Galician cities that are nearly100 times the population of Ribadavia. Unsurprisingly, Ribadavia was the capital of the Kingdom of Galicia in the late eleventh century, under the reign of García I.

While it is true that the city was left to languish for a long time, the old Jewish quarter was able to hold onto an impressive catalog of charms that it displays today. Make sure to explore the ancient streets, arcaded squares, emblazoned buildings, and more.

Among its broad religious heritage there are two convents: that of Santo Domingo and that of San Francisco. There are also the churches of Santiago, San Juan and Santa María. In terms of civil architecture, we must also mention the castle, located right in the city centre, and Pazo de Baamonde.

Although any moment of the year is a good time to visit Ribadavia, the town acquires a singular effervescence at certain times;

  • Festa da Istoria, held the last weekend in August, attracts thousands of visitors from all of Galicia. During this period, the most glorious days of Ribadavia are recreated: medieval tournaments, Jewish weddings and dinners, games of chess with human pieces… The fiesta prints its own currency: el maravedí. And most of the people attending (and we’re talking about thousands) go disguised or dressed in period dress, which is to say that everyone has a good time.
  • Other relevant events in the calendar include Feira do Viño do Ribeiro, the Riberio Wine Festival, which is held annually in late April or early May, and Festival Internacional de Teatro, the International Theatre Festival held in the month of July.

Next Stop: Casal de Arman

In the last few years, the growing sector of the countryside tourism resulted into specialization. There is this need of offering the visitor something else apart from the mere accommodation services, something like getting them involved in a life style, a culture and gastronomy. Wine tourism is the perfect complement in this sector. Few other products are so closely related to a people’s culture. The Ribeiro region definitely has all the characteristics to fulfil the visitors needs: landscape variety, monuments, culture, water sports in the reservoir of Castrelo de Miño, natural thermal waters and spas, big and small wineries, etc…

The restaurant Casal de Arman was inaugurated in 2004 and offers traditional cooking with a touch of modernity. Local quality products are mainly used in this kitchen (meats, salt preserved meats, octopus, vegetables, fish form the nearby Ría de Vigo…) to be combined with new tastes and textures.

The end of the day: thermal baths of Prexigueiro

If you want to experience Galicia like the locals, a visit to ´las termas´is a must. Spaniards are mad about these hot springs and baths, which occur naturally all over Galicia but especially in this part of it. They find the experience very relaxing and also swear by the benefits that bathing in the mineral waters brings for skin and joints. Ribadavia is very fortunate in having close by the ´termas of Prexigueiro Japanese influenced in design they are constructed of attractive rustic stone, slate and wood which blend beautifully with the idyllic woodland setting. The idea is rather like that of a sauna: you alternate relaxing in a series of hot pools with dips in cold water. They are open all year round every day except Mondays and at weekends late into the night and offer beauty treatments and massages as well as the thermal circuit. Located on the OU801 from Ribadavia to Cortegada and less than 2 miles from Ribadavia the termas are very easy to find and there is ample parking on site.


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