What do I have to do to book a tour with you?

We recommend to contact us by our email: info@spainyourway.com to tell us about your needs. When we will give you our offer, and when you accept it, we will confirm availability of the offered services and activities. Then we will send you the Reservation Form to fill it and sign legibly, which you will have to send us back with the proof of payment of the initial payment. You can find the information about the amount due in the reservation form of our offer, in which you can also read about our Booking Terms and Conditions. This part is very crucial and you should always read it.

Which payment method do we accept?

In our company we accept bank transfers as well as Visa and MasterCard payments, with an addition for credit card payments. We do not take responsibility for extra bank charges, as they have to be paid by client. We also apologize, but we do not accept checks.

What if I want to cancel the reservation?

To get detailed information about cancellation, and in case you want to call your trip off, contact us by our email: info@spainyourway.com. You can also read the Booking Terms and Conditions, in case you want to know about fees and charges. Sometimes tours and hotels might have special conditions and if this is the case we will refer them on your itinerary or reservation form.

Do I need a visa or passport, or any special health assurance?

No visas are required for most Americans, but tourists cannot stay in the Schengen area (and Spain belongs to it) more than 180 days. However, Spain Yourway does not provide information about the need of visa, passport, and health requirements. You have to check by yourself if these documents are needed and we recommend doing it in advance of the trip, to avoid all the inconveniences. You have to remember that as a tourist you cannot work in Spain.


How to travel around Spain and Portugal? Can I drive myself?

These countries are ideal if you want to rent a car and drive on your own. We are always helpful when it comes to the instructions how to get somewhere, so the decision is in your hands. You can also travel by bus, train or plane, as there are many connections between the famous destinations. Normal trains are not that fast, besides AVE trains, and travelling by bus is limited by speed, place and time. In case you decide to travel by car, you should think about the need of international driving permit.

What time is the best to visit Spain?

The weather depends of the region. In the South, days are sunny for the whole year, but on July and August, the temperatures are often melting hot, while in the North summer is perfect, with many gloomy days for the rest of the year. It depends what you like, but if you prefer
cold and are into skiing, you should come between December and Easter to enjoy the snow in resorts; and if the sunny weather is your favorite during the whole year, come to the Canary Islands.

Is it better to avoid Spain on August?

Yes, as this month is the one of the highest intensity, with many people and higher prices. It is
also known that in many cities people are closing their restaurants and shops on August, like for example in Madrid.

What is the currency used in Spain?

Our currency is Euro, and you have to pay everywhere with it, as Dollars and Pounds are not accepted. You can also pay by card (Visa, MasterCard), and in some cities by Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Can I visit Spain and Portugal at a time?

Yes, we really recommend it, as many of our clients decide to do it and they are happy. The best occasion to do it is to travel through the North and West of Spain, but you need to give yourself more time than just 5 days, to see everything you want and still be relaxed and well-rested.

What are the rules of giving tips in restaurants and other places?

Tips are something usual, but people from Spain are not that accustomed to them, what is one of many results of the economic crisis. It is of course kindly welcomed to tip, but if you do not know how much should you leave, you can tip 10% of the price, or round up the bill.

What is the average cost of the meal?

Everything depends, here on the city and date, or even days and hours of the week. Some offer “Menú del Día” from Monday to Friday, usually between 1pm-3pm, which consists of two dishes, dessert and beverage, and the prices are from 8 to 14 euros. As it is for the region, Galicia and Basque Country are cheaper with products of the very high quality, while Barcelona, Madrid, Balearic Islands etc. are much more expensive, on the grounds of the high amount of tourists.

What is the voltage?

In Spain we have European standard plug with 230 volts. We recommend to not plug in devices with lower voltage, as it may cause damages to them.

Is there free Wi-Fi available in Spain?

Many cities offer their own local Wi-Fi that can be used mainly at squares and in means of transport. You can also find the connections in most restaurants and cafes, but in some you will have to ask for a password.

If I don’t speak Spanish, is it a problem?

Learning some basic words before coming to Spain is always helpful, as English is spoken mainly in touristic regions, but if you do not know any words in Spanish, you do not have to worry. In our country people are always open and it is possible to somehow communicate with them, especially with young people who are learning English at schools, and with other foreigners. There are also other ways- to draw or to use sign language by showing something, or to contact with us as we are always happy to help you.

If medical service is free in Spain, do I have to buy travel insurance?

Social Security (the Spanish medical insurance) is free for people from Spain and European citizens who have a valid EHIC (European Health Insurance Card). If you are from a country which is not in Europe, or do not have the EHIC card, the help will be given to you anyway,
but you would have to pay for it if you do not have additional travel insurance which will cover this kind of accidents.

What is the time zone in Spain?

Spain is 1 hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time and 6 hours ahead of Eastern Time.

What is good to pack for my Spanish trip?

As it is for the clothes, Spain is quite traditional and it does not look good to wear too revealing clothes like shorts when you are in the city; it is better to leave them for the beach. Instead, you can put on skirt, loose trousers or other clothes that make you look neatly. Colors of the clothes are also important, as it is more preferable to wear bright colors in summer and dark in winter. If you are coming here in summer, you have to know that it will be sunny, so we recommend you to take a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. When it comes to spring and fall, you will need a light jacket, and warmer clothes for mountain trips and winter. The most important is taking comfortable shoes.

What is the meal time, and what kind of food do people eat in Spain?

Food in Spain earned its good reputation mainly thanks to tapas given with cold beer in bars. Among this, there are more western paella, chorizo and gazpacho known all over the world, but also a broad range of different kinds of meats, seafood, soups, beans etc., which influenced Latin American cuisine. Time of having meals also differ from other countries, because here we treat lunch as the main meal of the day, and it is eaten between 1.30pm and 4pm. At 10pm-11pm we eat supper made with lighter ingredients.