Have you ever wondered what are those curious constructions that are on the fields of some houses in the territory of Galicia and Asturias?

Well, in this blog post we bring you the answer to your question, they are the hórreos!

Many times, you can find them like this:

Most of the hórreos have a rectangular floor plan, although in the area closest to Asturias, there are samples with a square floor plan.

What are they used for?

The hórreos are constructions that were originally used to store and preserve food away from humidity and animals to keep them in an optimal state for consumption. Nowadays they have a value as material heritage, being protected against demolition and, in addition, they are used as ornaments in many gardens and houses (even some have been converted into rural houses!).

What are they made of?

The construction materials of the hórreos can vary depending on their location: there are wooden, made our of stone or mixed…

The longest hórreo and the biggest one

The first longest hórreo stand in Galicia is the one in Araño, in Rianxo. It is 37 meters long, however, the largest is the one in Poio. It has 51 feet and is the largest in surface. It measures more than 33 meters and its width is 3.36 meters.

Where can I see them?

The hórreos of Combarro are the most famous group in Galicia. They are located next to the sea because they were used as a warehouse to move elements to and from the boats in an easier way.

This has great beauty in the land of northern Spain, and you, what kind of characteristic construction do you have in your land?

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