Let's talk about food

Let's talk about food

Spain is not only famous for its beautiful landscapes and crystal clear waters but also for its dishes. What is the Spanish food like? It is impossible to answer this question in only one sentence. Every kind of person with every type of diet will find something tasty for himself in Spain since there are plant-based dishes, a great variety of seafood, they use every kind of red and white meat and the desserts are also to die for. As you travel through the country you can find different varieties of the same dish and great wines to quench your thirst. Let’s see a few of the most famous food you can find all around Spain.

  1. Tapas

Tapas can be interpreted as the symbol of the Spanish lifestyle. If we choose to have some drink in a Spanish tapas bar we will soon experience that the tapas can be almost any kind of small portions of food. These tasty bites can be cod fish, salty almonds, gazpacha olives, bites of jamón, chorizo or even chips. Tapas originates from Andalusia and it is served next to alcoholic drinks.

2. Tortilla de patatas 

Tortilla de patatas is one of the most famous Spanish dishes and the best in it is that you can easily make it at home. Tortilla de patatas are made of eggs, onions and potatoes (as the name of the food suggests: patatas = potatoes). In different parts of Spain the consistency of the tortilla can differ, at some places the middle is softer, at some places they put jamón into it.

3. Pimientos de padrón

The pimiento de padrón is a small green pepper which got its name after Padrón which is a small town in the North-West of Spain. At first you would think that it is very spicy but actually it is usually not spicy (there can be a very few picante ones). The preparation of pimientos de padrón is also very easy: you have to slowly fry them on a little bit of olive oil and bestrew it with salt.

4. Patatas alioli

Legend says that Neró, the cruel Roman emperor, was the father of the recipie of alioli, we can’t know this for sure but what we know is that it is a very famous Spanish food. According to the original recipe alioli only contains garlic, salt and olive oil but nowadays they make it using an egg yolk as well.

5. Croquestas

Croquetas are very famous all around Spain probably because there is a great variety of them and all of them are incredibly tasty. We can prepare croquetas using meat, mushrooms, spinach, cheese or even fish. What we need to do is to mix the chopped vegetables or meat into small pieces, mix it with béchamel sauce and fry the little balls in olive oil.

6. Empanadas

Empanadas are famous both in Spain and in the Latin American countries. The key to this dish is again that endless possibilities of stuffing, it can be very spicy, can be a little bit sour or even a little bit sweet. The stuffing inside the dough can be made of cod fish, chicken meat, and cheese or even of vegetables. There are literally no two recipes of the empanada which are the same.

7. Churros

The only dessert on my list is churros, not because Spanish don’t have other desserts but because churros is the best known all around the world. Churros is made out of a sweet fried dough flavoured with sugar and cinnamon and served with hot chocolate. Churros is the perfect comfort food for cold rainy days but it is a famous festival food as well.