Local food experiences

Local food experiences

Check out our list of well curated food experiences in Spain and Portugal. You will find tradition, you will find quality, you will find flavor and the best of all, you will find joy of eating.


Become a Basque chef – At Victor's restaurant in Bilbao

Your host and chef Javier will welcome you in his kitchen to start this amazing private cooking experience, by getting inside of a real restaurant kitchen and cooking different dishes paired by local wines, while you are making your best recipes. You will have dinner of what you have cooked.

Galician cooking class in O Salnes (empanada & pulpo)

At Quinta de San Amaro you will put on cooking gloves and an apron for your traditional Galician cooking class at the Rias Baixas. From the hand of a local cook, you will learn how to cook “empanada”, Galician octopus and other traditional dishes of our cuisine. You will have dinner of what you have prepared, with exquisite local wines.

Dinner experience with a local in Seville

Get a true insider's look at Seville, and its gastronomy and culture, with local meal hosted by a family. The dinner would be a typical Spanish menu that the Spaniards would have at home. This is the perfect occasion to get a glimpse of the real Seville. Make the most of this experience and ask as many questions as you want to your hosts, so you can gain all the knowledge to feel like a local.

Live like a local with this Walking Pintxo tour in San Sebastian

San Sebastian (known as Donostia in Basque) is a city renowned worldwide for its gastronomic tradition. Without doubt, the unrivalled “Star” and featured in every bar is the Pintxo. The picturesque old town (Parte Vieja) is completely packed with Pintxos bars — so many that knowing where to go and what to order can be completely overwhelming. You will start doing a walking tour visiting the most emblematic buildings in Donostia San Sebastián: a little bit of history and a little of our Basque culture. We will take you to the very finest pintxo bars that visitors are unlikely to discover on their own, and we will suggest the best pintxo in each bar, and the most suitable drink to accompany it, chosen from Cider, Txakoli (Basque white wine) or red wine.

Paella Cooking class in Madrid

You will learn how to cook our most international Spanish dish, the Paella, based on rice, seafood and chiken. The tour includes the visit to the Antón Martín market to buy all the ingredients. Besides the Paella, you will also learn how to make Sangría and Gazpacho (a refreshing tomato-based chilled soup), another taste of Spain worth mastering. During the preparation, the chef will tell its story and origins into the Spanish culture. After cooking, you will enjoy your creations as your lunch! Bon appétit!!

Discover the luscious world of our gold liquid in Granada

Experience the beautiful Andalusia countryside walking among majestic olive trees. You will visit a beautifully preserved 15th century olive oil mill in a charming white village, where you will enjoy tasting and learning about different characteristics, culinary uses, and many health benefits of various olive oils.

Be part of a Gastronomic Society in San Sebastian

An exclusive experience at one of San Sebastian’s renowned Gastronomic Societies or Txoko, as they are known in Basque. The privately owned Gastronomic Societies are a cornerstone of Basque dining tradition, and have existed in San Sebastian for over a century. They are a members only clubs for people who are passionate about cooking, and want to meet, cook, talk, play cards together, and often sing within a private friendly atmosphere. The kitchens are equipped to a professional standard, and these societies can only be accessed by members or by special invitation. The food prepared in the Gastronomic Societies put their main emphasis on the quality of the fresh ingredients, and on sharing high quality meals with friends and family. It is a truly Basque experience that should not be missed.

On the route of Jabugo Ham in Huelva

Enjoy and learn about the fascinating world of the preparation of Iberian ham. The experience of visiting the pigs in their natural surroundings: the "dehesa" fields where the Iberian pig breeds in the wild, where their main diet is the acorns from the holm oaks. From there to the natural drying house of Iberian hams, to discover how hams are prepared, and the unique environment that is available in the Sierras de Aracena, to enhance the flavor of the hams. And finally, the taste of the Iberian products accompanied by specially selected wines.

Vintage food tour in Porto

Have the chance to discover Porto's back streets like a local, where you will learn about food culture on the visit to the bustling Bolhâo food market. It includes a specially selected food and reserve wines tasting from Portugal's best regions, all of this guided by a Porto native. Experience the best of the past with a modern twist.
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If you had to determine a national drink for Spain, no doubt it would be wine. Spending a warm summer night sitting in a square, eating tapas and drinking wine, is one of the most typical pictures of life in Spain. Used also for cooking and even throwing over people on some local festivities!


Spain is much more than the flamenco music and dance, the bullfights and fantastic beaches and sun! Has been for thousands of years one of the cultural centers of Europe. And through these experiences you can get to know why!


Spain is a paradise for adrenaline junkies and outdoor activities seekers. It is important to mention that thanks to the geography of Spain, we can do almost any activity. It is not necessary to emphasize the beauty of its landscapes, because of that reason it is known as the Green Spain.


`We have to Spanishize Europe´, shouted the Salvador Dalí's world back in the 60s. It seems that we have achieved it. Spain has placed itself in the sixth most visited countries by Europeans who opt for what is known today as Health Tourism, and ranks eighth worldwide.