Local wellness experiences

Check out our list of 13 well-curated wellness experiences ordered by regions. Tourists no longer reach our shores looking only for the Spanish sun, the beach bars, the paella, the National Holiday or the siesta, now they are attracted by something else: wellness tourism thanks to rich geography.


Take vacation from your ego with a Yoga Rosa Retreat in Ibiza

Holistic yoga retreat - a combination of yoga asana flow, pranayama meditation and quiet reflection. Settle your mind and take it away from worldly distractions into a place of peace and happiness. An experience that allows you to relax and recover from the negative effects of stressful and busy life. You will leave with an increased sense of harmony, joy and love, and you can practice all the new techniques learned back home.

Marbella Club reconnection treatment in Marbella

Welcome to a place of peace and wellbeing by the sea — where healing ocean waters and a healthy lifestyle will bring out your best self. Discover the chance to quickly experience the joy of slow living. Wellbeing, Spa, Nutrition and Fitness are the four cornerstones of Wellness. Learn meditation from a master or try a dynamic new exercise. Enjoy a naturally delicious, wholesome Mediterranean diet, and experience the ancient art of wellbeing through thermal seawater rituals. You will enjoy the long-lasting benefits of reconnecting with nature.

Indulge yourself at Lanjaron Spa in Granada

The purity of the 6 mineral and medicinal waters, ancient and contemporary thermal therapies, and a location in a setting of complete tranquility (the landscapes of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park and the Alpujarras Mountains, south of Granada), make this place and its organic restaurant a unique destination to relax, get healthier and be revitalized.

Try the The Reset Button in Barcelona

Designed to help you reset your body and mind. The retreat lasts a week, during which time participants have a daily schedule of yoga, mindfulness and outdoor activities designed to relax and revitalize. The three daily meals are cooked on-site by a professional chef and exclude caffeine, refined sugar and other harmful ingredients, while a one-on-one consultation with the in-house nutritionist allows guests to get a personalized assessment.

Vilalara Longevity Thalassa & Medical Spa

A true holiday sanctuary where you will be guaranteed to depart feeling re-energized and rejuvenated. It is the ultimate family friendly wellness destination, where spa lovers can relax and enjoy any of the longevity programs or wellness experiences, whilst the families don’t have to compromise on a fabulous holiday at a stunning beach side resort location. Sounds wonderful!

The Body Camp in Ibiza & Mallorca

Fun, health and fitness retreats: reach your personal health and fitness goals developing incredible mental health awareness, and knowing how to cook delicious and nutritious food. You will learn how to make lasting changes that will enable you to be the best you can be and boost your confidence, self-esteem, health, fitness and happiness, all in an extremely fun environment. You will leave with an overall sense of well-being, plus new friends for life. Includes a Life Transformation Mind Training program, to benefit your mind, body and soul. This will help you to reconnect with nature, your emotions, health and happiness, whilst pushing you beyond all you thought possible, physically and mentally.

Shanti Som Retreat in Malaga

A unique place in Europe where you regain your energy and your balance through yoga, meditation, and personal support, to complete your journey. You will find a variety of therapies, combining the best of Eastern and Western wisdom. It offers lifestyle solutions that will leave guests renewed and re-inspired. The goal is to reward, encourage and educate, but never judge you.

Sha Wellness Clinic in Alicante

Our lifestyle and nutrition condition affects our health and well-being. The SHA method integrates the most effective natural therapies with highly therapeutic nutrition. SHA Wellness Clinic is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea between the bay of Altea and the Natural Park of Sierra Helada. More than 5000 m2 of Natural Park surrounded by cliffs on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, with the luck of having a microclimate considered by the World Health Organization as the best climatology in the world.

Prexigueiro hot springs in Ribadavia

The thermal baths are in a natural environment surrounded by forests. They have an open-air thermal circuit of five hot water pools called "Kumano Kodo" whose name refers to the Japanese pilgrimage road of the same name. Each pool or "Rotenburo" has the name of one of the Japanese temples that comprise that pilgrimage road. A really relaxing experience!

Oceano Health Spa in Tenerife

Surrounded by nature, this resort will make your dreams come true! The garden, the view, the proximity to the beach. The retreat offers a range of different therapies, including Thalasso therapy and the F.X.Mayr detox method. The Thalasso therapy focuses on the rejuvenation of the body using various sea elements. The detox method teaches that the intestine is the foundation of good health. Includes a light diet and various therapeutic treatments aimed at balancing and reinvigorating the body.

Suryalila Yoga Retreatment in Cadiz

If you want your yoga meditation to involve more than just a few downward facing dogs and the odd leg stand, this experience will give you a deeper understanding of what yoga can mean. The retreat is formed of eight old farmhouse buildings surrounded with orange and olive groves in the foothills of the Sierra de Grazalema in Andalusia. The awe-inspiring Om Dome is one of the most peaceful yoga rooms in Europe, and from the outside resembles a Nepalese temple.

MasQi, the Energy House in Alicante

Located in a stunning rural setting in the heart of the Sierra de Mariola, between Alicante and Valencia. This beautiful 19th century farmhouse is completely restored and has all the comforts of a boutique hotel; a gastronomic experience based upon macrobiotic cuisine that will give energy and purify you; yoga classes in your dome built on the edge of the forest; an array of activities, therapies and talks that serve to stimulate ideas, give strength and to help you to improve your way of life.

Epic Sana Algarve

Days of relaxation, staying on the beach until sunset, enjoying experiences that reinvigorate our body and soul, and happiness around the ones we love. All of this is what you will feel here if you follow a personalized program with setted goals and objectives according to your physical capabilities. Experience total life transformation by achieving well-being and longevity, always focusing on the rejuvenation of the body, mind and spirit. And because we believe that every day of the year deserves to be experienced in an unforgettable way, we have prepared a selection of activities that will enrich your everyday life.
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Spain has risen to the top of the world’s foodie destinations in recent years. From tasty tapas to superb seafood and traditional roasts, food in Spain is all about making the most of the best local produce.


If you had to determine a national drink for Spain, no doubt it would be wine. Spending a warm summer night sitting in a square, eating tapas and drinking wine, is one of the most typical pictures of life in Spain. Used also for cooking and even throwing over people on some local festivities!


Spain is much more than the flamenco music and dance, the bullfights and fantastic beaches and sun! Has been for thousands of years one of the cultural centers of Europe. And through these experiences you can get to know why!


Spain is a paradise for adrenaline junkies and outdoor activities seekers. It is important to mention that thanks to the geography of Spain, we can do almost any activity. It is not necessary to emphasize the beauty of its landscapes, because of that reason it is known as the Green Spain.