Culinary Galicia’s Star Group

Galicia is very well known for its gastronomy specially fish and seafood dishes and of course we agree, it´s part of our culture! but there is much more than traditional cuisine.

In 2003, a group of 9 chefs got together and founded the Grupo Nove (group nine), in order to combine the best of tradition and innovation and to vindicate the modernity and relevance of the new Galician cuisine.

Nowadays they keep the name as Nove (nine) even thought they are 24 chefs and 19 restaurants as part of the group. Some of them have Michelin stars such as Pepe Solla , Javier Olleros or Yayo Daporta and many of them have won many gastronomy awards in Spain and internationally.

If you travel to Galicia, you can find many of their restaurants all along the map, Santiago de Compostela, Vigo, Lugo, etc…so find the time while you are in Galicia to book some of this excellent gastronomic experiences, we promise it will be worth it!

Some restaurants by NOVE members

Eduardo Pardo:Restaurante Domus, A Coruña. With vistas out over the 2km city centre bay, Domus is a perennial favourite in A Coruña. Joyous cooking, with a refined mix of tradition and new. Fun puddings. Simply impossible to eat here and not be happy!

Álvaro Villasante:Restaurante Paprica, Lugo. Stylishly modern ‘in-out’ layout to this restaurant, in which there is a notable focus on ecological and seasonal produce. Fresh, young cooking with adventurous, eclectic twists.

Pepe Solla: Restaurante Casa Solla, Poio, Pontevedra (Michelin star). Culinary purity in its finest expression. Highly technical cooking which nevertheless remains true to its origins. Inventive, intense and often with an element of humour. The sine qua non of any serious gastro-trip to Galicia.

Alberto González Prelcic:Restaurant Silabario, Tui (Michelin star). Traditional cooking taken apart and put back together. Although thoughtful and inventive in its approach, what most appeals here is a sense of heart, the warmth and pleasure in everything on offer. A fine restaurant in every sense.

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