Money and tipping in Spain-Some useful info when travelling to Spain


Tipping in Spain is completely different than in other countries such as the US where tipping usually comes mandatory and probably in somewhat significant amount. In Spain, tipping is entirely optional and it’s not very common. You may see people leaving small change at cafés and bars and, eventually, someone tipping at a nice expensive restaurant. But most of the time, you won’t see anyone other than tourists leaving a tip.

Those are some examples about things you must to know about spain and the money:

  • The currency in Spain is the Euro.
  • Spanish Banks are open Monday to Friday 8:30AM to 2PM and closed all day Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays.
  • In Spain, when paying by credit card, passport or photo ID is often required.
  • Travellers cheques are rarely accepted and not recommended.
  • American Express card is less widely accepted than Visa and Mastercard.
  • The most practical way to get money while in Spain is ATM machines.
  • Tips are not obligatory in Spain, but are of course always appreciated and often a supplement to workers incomes. If you feel you have received good service, then here are our suggested amounts to tip someone fairly;
    • DRIVERS/GUIDES – 50-100 euros per day total not per person
    • RESTAURANTS – 7% of the bill
    • TAXI DRIVERS – 5% of total fare
    • BARS – not necessary
    • HOTEL PORTERS – 1- 3 euros
    • HOTEL CONCIERGE – If they make an effort for you (taxi or restaurant recommendations, reservations and so on) then a 5 euro note is plenty.

If tipping is a regular custom for you and you feel that the situation deserves it, your tip will be kindly appreciated. However, don’t feel that you must do so. This is particularly true if the service was bad or not even particularly good.

Never add tip to a credit card slip because the money will go straight to the owner again). Instead, always use cash.


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