Things you must do in Spain

A visit to Spain always brings to mind positive connotations. After all it’s great climate, the everlasting sun, excellent food and generally good humor. It’s not a secret that you can spend your time here in many ways, and do the things that are typical to a region, but also explore something totally new. Below you will find a list of things you must do in Spain that will allow you to discover this wonderful place, and look at the holidays here from different perspectives.

Get lost

It doesn’t matter what town you visit, but if it has an old town, go there, hide the map or phone and wander around the streets. Lose control of where you are for a moment, focus on what you see, not on street names or wondering if you should go north or south to get to this or that place. Check what the nearest area offers. See what attractions are nearby, what cafes, bars, or amazing unusual stores there are. Maybe you will discover an amazing building, and interesting store, a monument that no one mentions in guidebooks, or maybe a church known only by locals! Be a real explorer of the city!

Feel the music

You don’t have to throw yourself on the disco floor or dance flamenco. But if you hear a melody, at least close your eyes and swing sideways. Let yourself be carried away by the music. You are on holidays! In Spain!

Take your siesta

After lunch (obviously eaten during Spanish hours 14-16), return to the hotel and take a nap. Although it is most likely that you will wake up 2 hours later (and not 20-30 minutes, as the Spanish do it), you will not know if it is day or night, or tomorrow or still the same day, but it is worth it for the very sense of bliss of falling asleep with a full stomach. And it comes in handy for party people – in Spain, parties usually start well after 11pm, so you must have had some rest in the afternoon to hold on to disco until the morning!

See the flamenco show

Flamenco, or dance of Andalusian Gypsies, is now one of the basic and most recognizable elements of Spanish tradition and culture. This amazing and rhythmic dance is something without which a visit to Spain will never be full! We recommend a visit to Corral de la Morería in Madrid with us, where you can become a flamenco dancer for a day. You can read more about it in our “local culture experiences” section.

Speak Spanish

Don’t be shy – say something in Spanish! There is nothing to be ashamed of. Even if you only know 4 words in Spanish – it’s worth using them, the Spaniard you meet will appreciate it! And where better to practice your Spanish than on vacation in Spain?

Talk to the locals at the bar

Something that will not cause any problem, and you will fall in love with this amazing region of Europe! You have already known the area and Spanish bars, you know the history of the city and Spanish easiness. Time to talk to the locals about it. Okay, but you probably don’t know Spanish. How to talk about it? Nothing hard! The best way will be to turn to somebody and raise your thumb up! You can add “que tal” to it and the conversation will stick together! Spaniards are incredibly open and they will not be bothered by the fact that you do not know Spanish and they do not speak your language. They will gladly, using international hand signs, give you some advice and tips.

Have a quick Spanish coffee 

At least once have something like a small Spanish breakfast consisting of coffee and a croissant or another roll, and a piece of cake, after which you will probably be hungry in an hour. It is the way that Spaniards take short breaks for coffee and a small snack, not eating to be full, but just to have a quick stop and often talk with somebody.

Drink local wine

You are in Spain, so enjoy Spanish cuisine! Here, for dinner, you drink wine, which is incredibly popular! In Spain, each region has its own wine. But not only the region, sometimes even small towns have their own varieties that are only available here, and nowhere outside the area. Wine should definitely be on the list of things worth trying.

Try tapas

Tasting tapas is a unique opportunity to learn Spanish culture and enjoy the charm of the local bars and taverns. Tapas are an excellent, varied and selected sample of folk gastronomy that will allow you to share dishes with your friends and enjoy a wide range of products. The whole taste of Spain contained in one meal and usually at an affordable price.

Eat something typical for Spanish cuisine

Spanish cuisine is very diverse, rich in various flavors and spices. Spain is divided into many regions, and each of them has its own distinctive dishes. In coastal regions, fish dishes, seafood and rice dominate. On the other hand, in the depths of the country most often various types of meat, vegetables or flour dishes are eaten. The warm climate is conducive to the cultivation of southern vegetables and fruits, such as citruses, dates, tomatoes, eggplant and zucchini. The most typical Spanish food you have to try is: paella, tortilla de patatas, churros, patatas bravas, gazpacho, pulpo a la gallega, pimientos de Padrón, calamares, jamón, chorizo, croquetas, bacalao, fabada, crema catalana, cocido madrileño, albondigas, migas etc.

Churros with hot chocolate

Eat something that scares you

If you travel in order to experience and learn, you will probably agree that cuisine is one of the most important elements of culture and gives clues about the country in which we are located. By eating a particular dish, we activate all our senses, not just taste. Seeing or smelling a dish, we are able to tell if we want to taste it or not. Sometimes, however, these two senses and the awareness of what we eat, make us not even want to try something. Then the taste is no longer important and the dish is deleted from the list of accepted dishes. There is a feeling of disgust. However, it is worth breaking them and trying what looks and sounds terrifying to us. And in Spain you can try for example: octopus, squid and squid ink tinted pasta, oxtail (rabo de toro), goose barnacles (percebes), pig ears (oreja de cerdo), baby eels (angulas), lamprey in its blood, bull’s testicles (criadillas) etc.

We recommend you to try all of the things mentioned above in order to experience real Spanish atmosphere and feel like a local. As you could notice, being lost can help you discover new areas, taking a quick break with a nap will give you joy for the whole day, and dancing the local dance to the Spanish music will bring you a lot of fun. Don’t forget to speak Spanish and try our typical and untypical food and drinks. Just feel like a Spaniard and enjoy your time here!

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