In Spanish, the word “parador” appears defined in the dictionary as “an establishment or private house with rooms for rent where passing guests or strangers are lodged”. 

However, in Spain we also have another accepted meaning for this term. It is a hotel establishment located in a place of cultural interest and where a high level of service is provided. 

On the other hand, the facilities are in accordance with the art, style or traditions typical of the region where it is located. This is why, from Spain Yourway, we see many similarities between these accommodations and our spirit and values.

Some castles, such as the one in Alarcón, have been converted into Parador Hotels. 

Others are former monasteries where monks used to live, such as Santo Estevo de Ribas do Sil, in Ourense. 

But we also have others that were former noblemen’s houses, such as the Parador de Pontevedra.

Other Paradores are modern buildings, which do not obey any historical rules and are marvellous architectural works, such as the Parador da Costa da Morte, in Muxía.

Would you dare to come and discover these charming Paradores de Turismo?

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